What We Offer

Design And Consultation

At QPS Landscapes we strive to bring your dreams to life. We understand that landscaping can sometimes seem as a major undertaking, but we are here to help. All of our design team is passionate about their craft. They understand that every project starts with a dream, and its up to them and our accredited technician (CLT) through the use of a combination of stonework, woodwork, planting and lighting to bring your ideas to life. Arrange a meeting with one of our designers, they love to Dream.


The versatility of stone make it a pleasure to work with. Custom QPS stonework can be a defining feature to any home. The recent trend towards extending the livable space of a home to the outdoors has lead to a large selection of products available to the homeowner. All of our stonework is installed on a aggregate base that has been properly compacted, graded and leveled to incorporate the proper drainage systems required for each individual project. From stone patios, driveways, walkways, stairs, retaining walls to structures for fireplaces and water features, we have done it all and most importantly we would love to do it for you too.


Our woodworking crew takes pleasure in adding the warmth that natural wood brings to our landscape projects. From the shade provided from a pergola, the privacy of a fence, to the fresh scent emitted by a custom cedar deck our team enjoys working with wood. However, it isn't a surprise, since our master carpenter grew up in the forests of B.C and honed his skills working on log cabins and homes.


While the Hardscape's often receive all the accolades of a beautiful project, its the attention and care we put into planting and creating the landscape environment that completes the project. The proper mix of plants, shrubs and trees can make a good project look great. However, as amazing and resilient plants can be, the proper placement and planting procedures are required in order to reap a full life. Let our team get their Green Thumbs dirty.

Landscape Lighting

While the simmer of a flame in a QPS created fire-pit, may set the right tone for a romantic summer evening, often our customers require more lighting in their everyday usage. Landscape lighting beside stairs, built into a pathway or carefully placed to accent the natural textures of trees, shrubs or ponds not only looks magnificent but also offer a sense of security to your guest and family.

Snow &  Ice Removal
Commercial Constuction